Shaline Amani 

Shaline’s love for continuous study of travel and culture led her to travel to over 120 countries around the world, of which 40 countries she has been accompanied by her mother (who uses a wheelchair).   During her travels, she found a significant gap in the travel industry access for people with limited mobility to visit tourist sites as for able-bodies.   

After more than 10 years of researching and advocating for the right of those traveling with both a visible and invisible disability to have access to tourist destinations, TourAble encourages tourism boards to take action by installing access points such as ramps, signs, guides, and lifts at major tourist sites.  Making inclusive travel access a priority benefits both cities’ economic growth via tourism, as well as the growth of the global travel industry as a whole.   

Follow her as she continues on her journey to be the first Asian Woman to complete travel to all UN countries of the world plus 7 continents.

Tourable: Expanding Access For Inclusive Travel

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